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SPLITTERA is the proprietary Split Intein technology of ZIP SOLUTIONS®.

The split intein system consist in two separate polypeptide domains (IntN and IntC domains) with the capacity to interact one each other with high affinity and to perform the following reactions:

• TRANS-SPLICING: Each one of the intein domains (IntN and IntC) is fused to a protein of interest. When mixed, the protein sequences of interest are excised from their corresponding intein domain and become joined to form a new polypeptide sequence.







• Selective bio/chemical modification of proteins

Drug conjugation to therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (ADCs)

• Tailor-made protein semi-synthesis

• Production of toxic proteins

• Ordered Attachment of Proteins to Surfaces                                              

• CYCLIZATION: Each one of the intein domains (IntN and IntC) is fused to one end of a single protein of interest. When the intein domains interact, they catalyze the cyclization of the protein of interest through the liberated ends.





• Peptide cyclization

• Macrocyclization to circular proteins

• Peptide/protein stabilization to proteases and/or harsh conditions

• CLEAVAGE: When one of the intein domains (IntN or IntC) is genetically modified, it interacts with its intein partner fused to a protein of interest and catalyzes the cleavage reaction. As a consequence, the protein of interest is released from the fusion protein.







• Protein tag removal
protein purification        


• Ultrafast and high yield reaction
• Robust in broad spectrum of reaction conditions
• Controllable activity reaction
• Family of non-promiscuous split intein: controllable multi-reactions